""Whisht!"......."Ciúnas, now"......."Shut up, be quiet" ..... Statements to that effect can often be heard in a noisy pub when attentive listeners realise the musicians having a session just beside them are actually playing very fine music.
That is indeed the case with WHISHT! – a brand new 4-piece band based around uilleann piper Johannes Schiefner. Having played and made friends at countless sessions all over Ireland and other Celtic regions, such as Brittany, WHISHT! now focuses on the music of south-west Ireland, particularly Sliabh Luachra, the mountainous region between Cork and Kerry, which is often described as "more a state of mind than a territory". So, between the jigs, reels and hornpipes, you'll also find polkas and fast slides, all musical gems of their genre, and you'll certainly have a hard time keeping your feet still... While the overall WHISHT sound - driving, haunting melodies from the uilleann pipes and fiddle, on top of the powerful rhythms of the cajon, bodhran and guitar - is mainly traditional, the band's creative use of synthesiser sounds can make it sound quite modern and world-music-orientated at other times.